Cast Trays And Basket

Our Cast Trays and Baskets are designed as per customer's requirement.After considering various parameters while designing ,such as maintaing a healthy charge to weight ratio , finally the appropriate material is chosen keeping the application in mind.Our Cast Trays and Baskets find their application in various Thermal and Chemical Processes including Nitriding.

We maintain a high precision Pattern Inventory where all our patterns are manufactured using sophisticated computer aided machines.This high Precision ultimate produces Sound and Uniform Castings.

We maintain a highly accurate charge compostion for all our cast alloys with the usage of computerized charge makeup and each charge thus produced is tested with the help of state of the art online SpectroMeter before molten metal is poured.

Base Tray for Continuos Gas Carburising Furnace


Base Tray For Continuous Furnace


Range of Normalizing Baskets


Normalizing Basket for Pusher Hearth Furnaces


Tray for Batch Type Furnace


Normalizing Baskets


Tray For SQF


Tray for CGCF


Baskets For Annealing and Normalizing
Two part Lost Wax Heat Treatment Loading Baskets
Two Part Heat Treatment Loading Basket after welding
Four Pin Type Lost Wax Heat Treatment Basket
SIngle Guide Pin Type Lost Wax Heat Treatment Basket

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