Fabricated Fixtures

Our Fabricated Fixture has been the foundation of our company for about a decade.Our strength lies in designing the fixture around your component.So that you benefit by receiving a product that is :

  • Light in Weight
  • Has a very healthy Charge to Weight Ratio
  • Sturdy and Tough
  • Long Lasting, Easy to Handle
  • Versatile and can be used for a variety of Products.(Especially Designed for Commercial Heat Treaters.)

  • We work tirelessly to continously improve our product with a linear aim of helping our customers to benefit in terms of their Heat Treatment Economics.

    Dismantlable HT Baskets for CGCF


    Fixture for Loading of Two Wheeler Shafts


    Grate Type Fixture for Multiple Applications


    Heat Treatment Basket

    Hexagonal Mesh Basket for Heat Treatment of Screws


    Pin Type Heat Treatment Fixture for Automative Shafts


    Round Grating Used in Fertilizer Industry


    Shaft and Gear Loading Fixture for Pit Type Furnace


    Stacking Type Heat Treatment Fixture for Shafts and Gears


    Wire Mesh Baskets For Light Components
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