As a responsible company with a knack for continuous improvement and excellence . We are highly particular about the quality of our products. Over the years our passion towards making better products have helped in building a healthy reputation amongst our clients in India and overseas.

All our products undergo stringent quality check by our quality controllers that ensure highly accurate and flawless functioning products. For maintaining these accuracy and standards, we have advanced testing facilities and our quality team conducts various tests right from raw material upto finished products on the finished product.

Since, metallurgy plays a vital role in our products. We have associated ourselves with ASM International, in order to update ourselves with the latest market trends and grades , and incorporate the same into our products wherever possible.

Since we deal in products, where metallurgy plays a vital role in overall quality of the product.It is imperative to maintain a specific grade of alloy within a very narrow range of composition.For this purpose we have installed an online Spectrometer from Spectro ,Germany.Our highly trained metallurgist ensures that specification of our product grade is maintained every single time.


ISO 9001: 2008

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You are more than welcome to stop by our booth to learn more about significant saving of your Heat Treat Cost per component by using our light ,efficient and sturdy indigenously designed Lost Wax Cast and Fabricated fixtures. Looking forward to a successful and fruitful meeting!!

Booth # 335
Cobo Centre , Detroit , MI , USA
October 21-22 , 2015 : 9AM to 5.30 PM.